Licensed Producers

Licensed producers are currently the only legal source of medical cannabis in Canada.

Below you can find an alphabetical list of the licensed producers that we trust and recommend. They have either met or exceeded our quality and customer care standards, and we feel confident in recommending them to you as a provider of medical cannabis.

We have summarized some information that we use when recommending strains or licensed producers. Please remember that the licensed producer and strain selection is always your choice; Canheal will help you register with any of our preferred licensed producers. If you have any questions regarding the medical cannabis application process and licensed producers, feel free to application process and licensed producers, feel free to contact us.

All information is current and accurate as of August 24, 2016 and is subject to change without notice.

Licensed Producer Compassionate Pricing Flat Rate/Free Shipping High THC Strains High CB Strains Online Ordering Scent Free Packaging Cannabis Oils Currently Available Full Selection of Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Strains Other Information of Interest
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes A smaller Licensed producer that is truly committed to a higher standard of customer care. They have monthly strain features, and boast the most natural growing conditions possible.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Six products to choose from (in addition to Tweed products) with varying levels of THC and CBD. This producer has truly standardized products with consistent THC and CBD content. They are ISO 9001 certified.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes *Broken Coast is currently only serving renewal patients. They are a craft producer that only grows small batches, only serving as many patients as they can effectively, with compassionate pricing and free shipping as standard.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Pharmacist-controlled and operated, caring customer service team, compassionate pricing program, leading in product innovation, with completely hydroponically-grown cannabis.
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Hydropothecary is a high-end producer with boutique packaging and 24/7 live assistance. They provide a boutique high-end experience.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Maricann has a patient loyalty program, with products grown in additive-free soil, and some of the highest CBD contents. Compassionate pricing is available and same-day shipping on early orders. Great customer service standard.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes A high-end producer that offers unique locking containers and multiple exceptional strains, combined with great customer service and multiple payment options. All customer inquiries are handled by Registered Nurses (RN).
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes This producer color codes their strains making ordering simple and easy. They have a comprehensive online product selector for new patients. Their customer care center is open late and on weekends. Free shipping for the first order of every month.
Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Organigram produces their organic products with limited environmental footprint and no irradiation. They have a variety of patient programs to provide financial assistance.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes A large producer with truly high standards and a wide range of pricing and products. Monday to Saturday customer support and shipping. Their interactive and educational website makes Tweed a great place to learn.
For a printable list of our recommended producers as well as a full list of licensed producers in Canada, click here.