Do I Qualify


Conditions Treated




Make sure that you qualify for medical cannabis before applying! Do you meet the following criteria?

  • I am over the age of 25
  • I am not pregnant or planning to get pregnant
  • I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis
  • I have been diagnosed by a medical professional for the condition for which I seek medical cannabis

In order to see a doctor with Canheal, we require medical records that support the medical condition for which you seek treatment. If you are being referred by your physician they have to forward these documents along with the completed referral form.

Common Questions

Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Canada. While it is not officially recognized as a drug or medicine by Health Canada, it is legal to access it under controlled conditions for medical purposes. This means that you have to satisfy the basic qualifying conditions, have a medical professional authorize your use of medical cannabis with a medical document and order it from a licensed producer.
You order your medical cannabis online from the licensed producer of your choice. Once you have chosen and registered with a licensed producer, we will send your medical document (prescription) to the licensed producer. After the licensed producer has received and verified your prescription, you can order the medical cannabis online and it will be mailed to your physical home address.
The Medical document is very similar to a traditional prescription for pharmaceuticals. “Medical document” is the official term used by Health Canada. It contains all the information about your doctor including his address, number and license ID. The document will also contain your contact information (health care number, address, name, DOB, gender and phone number), the prescribed dosage of Medical Cannabis in grams per day, and duration of usage in months. Typically the duration is about 3 months so that you are able to order medical cannabis until your next doctor’s appointment. Health Canada determines how the medical document must be transmitted to the licensed producer for authenticity. Canheal makes sure that your medical document is sent and verified through the appropriate channels. Additionally, the medical document needs to be sent to the provincial College of Surgeons and Physicians, which is done through our office.
The legal documentation that proves that you are allowed to use and carry medical cannabis is provided by your licensed producer. The form is sent to you with your first order and is either in the form of a card or a piece of paper. The prescription label on your medical cannabis container is also admissible proof that you are legally allowed to use and posses medical cannabis.