Connect with Canheal

If You Qualify

If you would like to see a doctor for free you can:

  1. Download the physician referral form and ask your doctor to refer you to us
  2. Contact us to talk to your doctor on your behalf 
  3. If you don't feel comfortable discussing medical cannabis with your doctor you can also contact us to help you find a physician who can objectively assess or diagnose you and see if you might benefit from medical cannabis. You can maintain your relationship to your current Physician if you wish OR
  4. Fast-track your appointment by doing a private assessment through


Any of these options requires you to fill out our registration form that must be submitted to us before we can see you.

If you are not sure if you suffer from a qualifying medical condition or which medical records you (or your doctor) need to supply you can find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

There is no cost to you for seeing one of our experts or doctors in clinic. Associated costs are covered by Provincial Health Care.

Dosage amounts can be discussed with one of our customer care specialists but is ultimately at the discretion of the physician.

The licensed producer you will choose will contact Canheal to verify dosage and patient information. Medical cannabis is then shipped to your home address. If the patient has no home address, the clinic address may be substituted.

Common Questions

The cost for medical cannabis can vary depending on the licensed producer through which it is purchased. Depending on the strain, it can cost anywhere between $2.50 and $15 per gram.
Medical cannabis qualifies as a medical expense under CRA guidelines. So while most insurances don’t cover medical cannabis in a basic benefits plan, you might be able to claim it under your healthcare spending account for your taxes.
Generally, you need to be at least 25 years of age and have an officially diagnosed qualifying medical condition for which you have already undergone treatment. For a list of medical conditions please click here. If you do not have a treating physician or you aren’t comfortable discussing this subject with your doctor, you can do the “fast-track” route where you will undergo a private assessment through People under age 25 may be assessed for medical cannabis treatment if they suffer from a severe chronic illness and conventional treatment provides insufficient relief. Medical cannabis will not be prescribed if you are pregnant or attempting pregnancy. Diagnoses of schizophrenia or psychosis may limit medical marijuana treatment options.
You do need a referral in order to be scheduled with a physician for a consult. If your doctor would like to refer you to us, the referral form can be found here and faxed to 1-403-475-1129.
If you are referred by your physician, there are no costs for seeing a doctor for consult at one of our Canheal Clinic locations. Any of the associated costs are covered by Provincial Health Care. Please contact us if you would like a referral to a physician that can provide a referral to Canheal. If you are in possession of your medical records and have an official diagnosis and treatment history you can also choose to go the “fast-track” route. There are costs associated with the private assessment that you will undergo.
The doctor you are assigned is based on your location and medical condition, and doctor availability. The doctor’s address will be provided for the appropriate clinic at the time of booking. We have clinics in Calgary and Edmonton. If you cannot travel to a clinic (either because of medical condition or distance), you can choose a video conference appointment. Just let us know when we are booking your appointment.
If you already know that you would like to see the doctor via video conference appointments, you can let us know when we are booking your appointment.
In order to keep using medical cannabis on a long-term basis, you will need to have recurrent appointments with your doctor. A follow-up appointment is necessary every three months (according to section 4.b. of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta standard of practice) in order to review your current prescription and adjust the dosage if necessary or deemed beneficial. There is no charge to see the doctor at the clinic. You also have the option to see the doctor via video-conference at a nominal charge.
Follow-up appointments need to be scheduled every 3 months which is also around the time when the medical document expires. The new medical document will be completed by the prescribing physician after your visit. Canheal will contact you to schedule your follow-up appointment time.