Is medical cannabis legal in Canada?
How much does medical cannabis cost?
Will my insurance cover the cost of medical cannabis?
Do I qualify to see the doctor?
Do I need a referral?
Are there any costs?
Where is the doctor located?
How do I get a video conference appointment?


Are there possible side-effects to medical cannabis?
Do I have to smoke medical cannabis?
What are the active ingredients in medical cannabis?
How much medical cannabis prescribed at one time?
Where do I get my medical cannabis?
What is a licensed producer?
Why should I get my medical cannabis from a licensed producer?
How do I sign up with a licensed producer?
How does the licensed producer verify the medical document?
Do licensed producers offer discounts or promotions?
Are there compassionate programs for low-income applicants?
How do I pick the strain of medical cannabis?
How long does it take for my medical cannabis to be delivered?
What might cause a delay in my medical cannabis delivery?
How is the medical cannabis shipped?


How often do I need to see the doctor?
How do I book my follow-up appointment?
What is the medical document?
Can I have a copy of my medical document?
Can I travel with medical cannabis?
How much medical cannabis can I possess?
How do I get legal proof that I am allowed to use and possess medical cannabis?