Why Work With Canheal

Why Work With Canheal

Medical Directors

Dr. Myron Stelmaschuk After graduating from the University of Calgary in 1995, Dr. Stelmaschuk initially started in their General Surgery program. He then became more interested in orthopedics because of the vast number of trauma cases that were often evaluated by the general surgery trauma team. For a number of years, he worked in hospital as hospitalist for the orthopaedic, general surgery and neurosurgery team. He decided that outpatient care was more his passion. This now primarily involves occupational and musculoskeletal medicine. He has worked as a consultant for WCB for the last 17 years, evaluating musculoskeletal problems, including diagnosing and providing ongoing patient care for these patients. This includes the very successful back and shoulder program that was developed by the board.

Additionally, he has helped develop the recently-launched Southern Alberta Shoulder Care Clinic (SASCC) at Lifemark Health.

Dr. Stelmaschuk is also the Medical Director of Return to Work Services for Lifemark Health (formerly Centric Health). He also works in occupational medicine and tutors for the Foundations of Occupational Medicine Course for the University of Alberta.

Outside of work, he discovered tennis later in life, and found this endeavor quite the challenge to perfect—making it a never-ending feat to improve, but with the positive impact of staying healthy.

Supervising Physicians

Each Alberta-licensed Supervising Physician oversees the CarePlans in their area of expertise.