What CarePlans do you offer?
See CarePlan Library

What does a CarePlan include?
Each CarePlan has the following sections:

  • Treatment Goals
  • Patient Education about their condition
  • Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition
  • Physical Activity & Exercise
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
  • Symptom Management
  • Other Recommendations
  • Summary of Recommendations for the Healthcare Provider

Patient Management

Do Canheal doctors see the patients?
The patient relationship remains with the referring physician. We offer recommendations based on patient history and current best practice. These recommendations are approved by you as the referring physician prior to acceptance of the CarePlan.

Can I request more than one CarePlan per patient per day?
Yes, provided the CarePlans are for different diagnoses (ie. obesity and insomnia).

Can I request a CarePlan for a patient if the patient has already seen a specialist?
CarePlan information tends to be more supplemental and integrative than information received from a specialist. CarePlans are a good addition to a specialist’s visit and care.

How does a patient receive their CarePlan?
There are two ways:

1) Your office can provide it to the patient, either at an in-person appointment or by email, or

2) Your patient can access a copy through the secure Patient Portal on this website.

How does follow up work?
The patient can call our Support Team if they have questions specific to the CarePlan. Your office schedules follow up appointments with you.

Using the e-consult platform

How do physicians access the system?
Click either the Sign In or the Sign Up button.

How long does it take to complete the information required to request a CarePlan?
Completing the request form takes a few seconds, and your medical staff can do the rest.

Can I attach a list of medications and supporting documents to the CarePlan request?
Yes, you can. We use all information when creating individualized CarePlans.

Can I fax an intake form to Canheal?
E-consult to e-consult must be done through the secure online portal in order to be billed.

How do I receive notification when there is a pending CarePlan for me to review?
An email is sent daily alerting you to CarePlans in your inbox that require review.

How long does the process take for a CarePlan to be returned to me for review and final acceptance after I submit a request?
Times vary based on request; however, we are targeting two weeks from the time we receive your request until you have the completed CarePlan and can discuss it with your patient.

Supervising Physicians

Who are the Supervising Physicians?
Supervising Physicians are Alberta-licensed doctors well respected by the medical community in their area of expertise. They are specialists in the area of medicine dealt with by the CarePlan.

What is the Supervising Physician’s role in each CarePlan?
Supervising Physicians oversee the research and writing of the CarePlans. Each CarePlan is reviewed by a Supervising Physician before it is sent back to the requesting physician.

Are Canheal Supervising Physicians licensed in Canada?
Yes. All Supervising Physicians are licensed in Alberta.

How do I become a Supervising Physician?
We’d love to speak with you if you are interested in becoming a Supervising Physician. Either use the Contact Us button and we’ll connect with you, or call 1-844-632-6032 and ask to speak with the General Manager.